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This made finding a provider for my new gold IRA a piece of cake. I had been overwhelmed with choice and your service made everything so easy!
Felix S. North Dakota★★★★★
Your top choice for my situation was a perfect fit. They were completely professional, fast and efficient. The best part was their fees were the lowest I'd found.
Alison K. California★★★★★

Meet GoldBot TM - Your Advanced Intelligent Search Matchmaker!

With access to over 1500 gold bullion dealers, IRA specialist lawyers and accountants,'s advanced AI search tool will quickly find you the Gold IRA company most suited to your needs.

After answering a few simple questions about your plans, timescale and other preferences GoldBot will create a unique personalized shortlist of between 3-5 trusted gold IRA specialists.

You can contact your shortlist directly - or if you're in a hurry - GoldBot can do all of this for you, saving time and ensuring the best possible service!

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Who Were GoldBot's Top-5 Most Popular Choices in September?



Goldco Precious Metals    ★★★★★

  • 2021 Bullion Dealer of the Year Winners
  • Top rated for customer service, ease of use and pricing
  • Suited to new and experienced investors
  • Extensive library of free information guides
  • Bonus silver offer on all qualifying accounts during October
Chosen 1,622 times in September
Goldco Precious Metals are Bullion Directory's 2021 Bullion Dealer of the Year winners, rated as being best for customer service, their fair pricing and the ease of their rollover and transfer processes. This makes them one of our top recommended companies and an essential inclusion on any investor's shortlist.
Bullion.Directory may earn a referral fee from some of the listed companies, but this in no way influeneces GoldBot's selection matches, company ranking and ratings nor does it affect the price you pay.


Birch Gold Group    ★★★★★

  • 2021 Bullion Dealer of the Year Silver Medalists
  • Highly rated for their excellent advisory services and fast easy process
  • Perfect for investors who are new to gold and silver
  • Free 2021 information kit
  • Zero fees in first year on qualified accounts opened throughout October
Chosen 1,379 times in September
Birch Gold Group were narrowly beaten to the 2021 Bullion Dealer of the Year podium - but were top rated for the professionalism of their metals brokers and their fast easy IRA set-up. This makes them one of our most frequently recommended companies especially for new investors.


American Hartford Gold    ★★★★★

  • America's largest Gold IRA specialist by volume
  • Top rated for their IRA rollover and transfer services
  • No minimum purchase level - near unique in the sector
  • Comprehensive 2021 gold investor kit available at no cost
  • Free high quality safe on qualifying orders in October (while stocks last)
Chosen 1,297 times in September
American Hartford Gold are consistently among the highest rated gold dealers in America. Thanks to their exceptionally high standards of care and efficiencies that come from scale they are one of Bullion.Directory's top 5 US bullion companies and a Top Choice for Gold IRAs.


Noble Gold    ★★★★★

  • 2021 Bullion Dealer of the Year Runners Up
  • Small and friendly company known for service quality
  • Equally suitable for new and experienced invetors
  • Free 2021 gold investor kit
  • October special offers on Texas depository storage
Chosen 931 times in September
Runners up in 2021's Bullion Dealer of the Year awards, Noble Gold are best known for the kind of friendly one-on-one service you get with smaller family companies.


American Bullion    ★★★★★

  • 2021 Bullion Dealer of the Year Bronze Medalists
  • Highly commended for their IRA rollover and transfer services
  • Better suited for investors looking to spend over $50,000
  • Free 2021 gold investor's guides
  • October special offers on selected gold coins
Chosen 587 times in September
Past winners of Bullion Dealer of the Year in the Gold Retirement category - American Bullion are one of our longstanding favorite Gold IRA companies, thanks to their high quality of service and fair pricing. Although they have higher minimum purchase levels than most Gold IRA companies, this can mean better pricing.
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Impartial Results - From The Industry's Trusted Ratings Platform

GoldBot's advanced AI uses detailed ratings and review data from Bullion.Directory - with additional ranking signals being based on their annual Bullion Dealer of the Year awards.

The generation of your AI-produced shortlist is powered by countless customer ratings and reviews on over 1500 bullion dealers as well as upwards of 30,000 annual votes cast in their yearly consumer awards program.

This means that unlike many of the 'best-of' lists you'll find online, your GoldBot recommended shortlist is based on hard data and the answers you have given...

...not the company who pays the most commission!

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GoldBot's 30,000+ Satisfied Users Were Just the Start...

Originally running on Bullion.Directory, GoldBot has already helped over 30,000 users find the best gold dealers most suited to their needs.

Now running as a standalone service and fully reprogrammed to specialize in retirement accounts with 37 datapoints across over 700 US bullion dealers, the GoldBot AI has become an expert at matching users to IRA professionals.

Continuously improved and always happy to help, GoldBot is now ready for the next 30,000!

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Why it's Never Been More Important to Find the Right IRA Specialist

Gold is a powerful long and mid-term investment, averaging 9% annual growth over the past 45 years with an annualized 7.7% return between 1999 and 2018.

This means it has beaten almost all other asset classes by a healthy margin and outperformed the "average investor" by a whopping 300%.

annualized returns by asset class - gold vs common investments
profits in a gold ira

However if you're overpaying for storage, being charged too much in fees, buying the wrong gold or doing something the IRS doesn't like, market-beating gains like those shown could be wiped out in a flash.

Gold's proven performance and the added tax advantages that a proper IRA professional can unlock are one thing - but where gold really shines is how well it performs during times of crisis.

And what a crisis...

US Retirement Accounts are in Unprecedented Danger - Will Gold be Your Solution?

In recent recessions where US GDP has dropped more than 2.5%, gold has performed very strongly, living up to it's reputation as a proven market hedge and wealth preservation tool.

During the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, US GDP fell a record-breaking 32.9%. The word 'unprecedented' doesn't even come close.

gold performance during recessions and covid

To put things into perspective, during the 1980's crash, a GDP drop of 2.7% saw gold hit a record high of $843/oz.

The Great Recession of 2008 lowered GDP by 5.1% helping boost gold to a record $1896.

Coronavirus has since wreaked havoc on the US economy. Following a staggering 32.9% GDP drop in 2020, gold once again reached a new all-time high.

The government has already thrown cash at the problem, printing trillions of new dollars into existence and now economists are saying the markets are only being kept afloat by this tsunami of free money.

But this money printing must stop to limit the risks of hyperinflation - and when it does? All bets are off...

A True Gold IRA Specialist Can Minimize Market Risks While Creating Opportunity in Your Account

While Bullion.Directory may list thousands of gold dealers, many of whom would happily supply the gold for an existing IRA - only a few hundred have staff on hand who can help with anything beyond the most basic of IRA-related tasks.

And of these bullion dealers, fewer than 40 are able to offer the kind of specialist advice that's typically required for wealth protection.

It's this urgent need for access to true specialists that saw us launch GoldIRAfinder as a standalone service, separate from Bullion.Directory.

After all anyone can sell gold - but finding experts who can provide proper tax-advantaged asset protection solutions for retirement accounts?

That was always much more difficult - until now!

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